Online balance training course

This is the online course for you who want to teach you and your dog the basics of balance ball training. Perfect for those who live far from us, work irregular hours or otherwise find it difficult to attend a physical course. You get access to the entire course material at the start of the course. You have access to feedback on your training videos in a closed Facebook group for the entire two months after the start of the course. There is also the possibility to extend with extra months of feedback for SEK 200/month after the course has ended.

During the course, we go through basic exercises that strengthen the dog’s abdominal stability and some more advanced exercises for specific muscle groups. You learn how to handle the dog on the various balance devices in a safe way.

Suitable minimum age for the dog is 8-12 months depending on the breed.

To participate, you need a Facebook account, which is free. You also need to be able to film your own training, a mobile camera is fine. If you don’t have someone who can film when you exercise, we recommend a small tripod to clamp the phone with.

The exercises during the course will be done with egg ball/peanut ball (balance ball for dogs), fitbone/disks, small paw balls and footstools. It is an advantage if you have these at home, but you can also use pillows, mattresses, sofas, etc. to do the exercises at first. It is therefore not necessary to purchase all balance tools in order to benefit from the course. If you are thinking about buying a balance tool before the start of the course but are not sure which, it is a good idea to consult the instructor by email:

Note! When registering, state the dog’s name, age, breed/breeds, if it has/ has had any injuries. (Or send a email whit this information to

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